Monday, December 17, 2007

Christian is a Shepard!

Christian was his in first school "performance." My little shepard had a speaking part! "The star will show us the way" Very cute. I think his line is forever burned into my mind. I can't remember if I paid the electricity but I think I will remember this for quite some time. I have video if anyone wants to hear his line!!! BTW, CC is the middle shepard.

The Trains at Northpark

We have begun an annual playdate tradition of visiting the Trains at Northpark with the Fischer's. Reid & William are just CRAZY about trains.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Santa Clause 2007

The boys were thrilled to see Santa. Christian was VERY specific about what he wanted for Christmas and was more than happy to tell Santa. Reid....well, he was just happy to be there:)

Christian turns 4 years old!

Christian had so much fun turning 4 years old! He loved having his birthday party with his family & friends.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

December 4, 2007

The home improvement is moving right along. Windows/doors in, vents for heat/cool in, electricity being done, wood for floors delivered, kitchen wall demolished and kitchen window replaced...which is not shown in the picture. Still trying to decide on paint colors....

November 23, 2007

The boys had a great time picking out this year's Christmas tree. Christian is keeping his eye on a tree that is quite similar to Charlie Brown's Xmas tree. Reid's blanket would be perfect for the tree skirt. But....that's not the one we got.