Thursday, July 30, 2009

Christian SWIMS!!!!!

It's a miracle!!! The child puts his whole FACE in the water!!!! Amazing and well worth a video post. We are just so proud of his swimming progress this summer. Christian has been in swimming lessons for the majority of the summer....although we are currently wrapping up a two week break. Sometimes "Mommy" needs a break from the daily pool! We are going to pick up 1 last swim session before the school year begins. Christian begins KINDERGARTEN August 24th. That topic (CC beginning Kinder)deserves a post of it's very own in the near future:)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

VBS....still documenting our summer

Both boys attended Vacation Bible School this summer. They both loved the week and walked away with a sweet & positive VBS experience. In addition to their daily lessons, they also learned some very catchy songs. These are songs that I find stuck in my head...and stuck in my head...and stuck in my head. At the end of the VBS week, the kids gathered on Friday evening to sing the songs they learned. Reid was in front of his group so we have very memorable footage. He's also having a bit of fun with the speaker that keeps tempting him!! I LOVE watching it so much that it is a "must have" for the blog. It really seems to catch Reid's personality....he's just happy to be there & he's going to have the best time he can!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane

It has been way too long since the last blog. It's been sooooo long that it's very hard to get caught up. I am not able to give the past 7 month justice in this this single post but I will give some brief highlights of the past 6 months. I will only update to June because the other pics are still on my camera. Baby-steps! Anyway, it seems that the most logical way to do this is work from the most present to the past......with the exception of the new business. Please excuse the wacky formatting. I can never seem to get my blog pictures & typing to line up correctly. Here goes....

Red Racer Advertising was begun in March, 2009. This home grown business has kept the family very a good way! I should really clarify that it's been keeping Scott VERY busy. He is loving being the driving force behind Red Racer's success. The official business website should be up soon so I'll post the address at a later date.

Father's Day: How the boy's do love spending time with their father! Part of Daddy's gift was Guitar Hero....who doesn't love it!

Next in line is Reid's 4th Birthday. He chose a Wall-E themed party. I love watching my boys enjoy their special birthday celebration. I always hope they look back at them with fond memories.

Reid has become attached to a dalmatian named "Pongo." He kept telling us that Pongo misses his puppies. Pongo is sad. To keep Pongo from being sad, he got 4 Dalmatian puppies. Reid & Pongo are now happy. The puppies also finally have names: Rolley, Lucky, Rover, & Doodles. It's all so very sweet!

Christian just recently finished T-Ball. You can also see Daddy assisting the coaches on 3rd base. Christian was SOOOOOO cute in his little baseball uniform.

I think the candles on the cake says it all!

Christian has already decided on his 6th birthday party theme....Cowboys. He & Reid are practicing on Papa's back. Poor Papa.....we have hardwood floors so I know the horses knees would benefit from some soft pads!

On the last day of prek, the kids took home a silk worm. It was treated as a "pet" until it started to cocoon. It took an incredible 14 days to break out.

Here is Christian sooooo proud of himself. This is the day he learned to ride his bike without the training wheels. It was definitely a baby book moment. Yes, I did log it in his baby book the very same day. This was also Mother's Day. What a great day!

Also Mother's Day......

This was the sweetest "Mother's Tea." Christian's prek class hosted a special tea for the mothers. When I arrived, Christian met me at the door, escorted me to my seat, & gave me a corsage he had made. So sweet. Talk about choking back the tears! I loved watching Christian getting so much pleasure out of how much I enjoyed everything he had specially prepared for me.

ARRRGH! This is when we went to the Arboretum this past Spring. This is a pirate ship tree house....only it's not really in a tree. Both boys love anything pirate.

A rainy day at the zoo with daddy. It's great when we are able to do these fun things as a family.

Easter morning. Great pic of Daddy and Reid's is just funny. He is very busy eating as much candy as we will let him get away with.

Also Easter. Christian is very busy organizing his little eggs. Gotta love an organizer! As you can see from the photo, the Easter Bunny was very generous with the eggs this year.

Another great day at the zoo.

Isn't this the sweetest picture. Reid has just received his Snowy Thomas train for going pee-pee in the potty. BIG accomplishment. We just recently officially completed the potty training about 1 month ago. Yeah Reid! I am so confident about this that I even gave away his diapers.

The boys received a truck for Christmas (thank you Nanny & Grandpa Ray). Besides that the sun is in Reid's face, notice who is in his passenger seat!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh My!

I am actually considering updating this blog!!!! Just a warning there may be something to see soon.