Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Every Christmas with the boys just get better. This was the first year that Reid got excited about opening his own presents. The paper went a'fly'n! Great fun to watch him go:)

Christian's toys finally hit the "Big Boy" level. These are the toys that are little bitty with only a million pieces! What were we thinking by encouraging "Big Boy" lego's. I knew they would be small but not microscopic. Christian is our builder and these really are the perfect gift for him. Good Job Santy Claus!

Reid's special gift from Santa was an interactive Reid. He has become quite attached to the Wall-E character and he loves to see his toys interact. It's great! His toys will talk to each other and of course they talk to Mommy. They also call me Mommy....just in case you were wondering:)

I need help organizing my, just excuse the format. It is what it is & I don't know how to fix it. I have many pictures I want to post but that's for another day.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Reid showing me who's boss!

This is Reid as I'm kneeling in front of him trying to get a cute picture! These are hilarious! These are not "typical" faces he makes so they were really unexpected....yet fun!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Annual Crowell Carriage Ride

One of our Christmas traditions is a carriage ride through Highland Park to see the beautiful Christmas lights. Scott & I have been doing this since we started dating.....uhhhh, I believe it was actually started BEFORE me but we won't go there:) We had a great time. The picture isn't the best family shot but I can't complain since it was taken by the carriage ride guy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christian turns 5 years old!

Today Christian is officially 5 years old! Unbelievable!!! He is LOVING being 5. Should I go down memory lane and tell the story of Christian's birth? This day, 5 years ago.....No really, I won't do that.

Christian has had a fun filled few days of birthday. He had his PIRATE themed party this past Saturday. He had a wonderful time with his friends & family. He loved his everything pirate day...his shirt, cake, pinata, hats, tatoos, pencils....well, everything! Daddy even wore a pirate doo-rag. Where has Scott been hiding this? We are so fortunate to have such wonderful friends & family to celebrate these special occasions with. We all have so much fun and I just love that Christian had a very special birthday.

Today(Monday...well it would be if it weren't 3am the next day....can't sleep!) was a very busy "real" birthday. It's his "real" birthday because today he was able to say that he is 5 years old. The day started with school. I made pirate cupcakes for Christian & his class. He was so proud that everyone loved his cupcakes. Christian was especially excited that everyone even ate them. It's so cute that he takes these little things so personally.

After school we met up with Daddy to go see Santa Clause. We started at Northpark Mall where you get a number to visit Mr. Clause. At Noon, we were # 168. They were currently on # 38. As we didn't intend to spend 7 hours waiting for the old man, we headed downtown to Neiman's. I didn't put the truck in park at the valet and unfortunately the valet guy was in front of the truck when I took my foot off the brake. Valet guy is OK although not amused by it. Scott was VERY amused. Anyway, Santa. No line! Both boys told Santa what they wished for. Both boys sat on Santa's lap for a picture. Today was our lucky day! We also have a cute overpriced picture. I would include it here but we need to scan it first! After Santy Clause, we stayed & ate lunch. The plan was to head home to open CC's presents from us, Reid, & Grandma. On the way home, I realized I left the Santa picture on the table at the cafe. I was making sure it didn't get all bent in my bag. So, back downtown we go! This was way too much driving for Christian as he fell asleep. Reid couldn't even wake him up when we got home. After he FINALLY woke up, we opened presents. Scott went out in the freezing wet cold to grill hot dogs. Scott's a great daddy to grill in the wet 32 degree weather to fulfill his son's birthday dinner request. All the boy's played for a bit & then it was time to end the day of birthday. Bed.

Scott & I keep saying "I can't believe Christian is 5." We're not breaking down in tears or anything but this birthday seems a bit harder for us. He's getting so big. Everyday he just amazes us with how much he remembers & understands. We have to monitor what we say while he is in ear shot not for fear of him repeating a bad word but because he actually understands our conversation...even when you think he's not listening.

I need to at least comment a little bit on Reid. He's doing great! He just loves being around all the fun. He gets to play with all of Christian's great gifts and eat cake so he's not complaining. He also received a few presents himself during all the festivities. The little man is enjoying Christian's birthday too.

The pictures included are in a crazy order. Instead of staying up trying to figure out how to fix it, I'll just say the pic of the cupcakes & Scott/Christian on floor are from today 12/15 and the rest are from his party 12/13.

love, Amy