Monday, November 24, 2008

Halloween: Better Late than Never

Halloween was a Blast! I love anything relating to holiday decorating, including decorating my kids:) Christian was a One-Man-Band & Reid was a Mighty Knight (an episode from the Backyardigans).

Christian's costume included a drum, cymbal's, maraca's, harmonica, and an accordion. I feel like I'm leaving out an instrument. He wore it for 2 neighborhood parties, a Boo at the Zoo (basically a trick or treat at the zoo), a school party & then had the nerve to refuse to wear it for Halloween! What the! He wouldn't even wear it just for a picture. So, we (meaning Scott) carried his instruments until we "trick or treated" by our house. We (again, meaning he) dropped off his surplus of instruments. I had planned to focus his Halloween picture on the actual Halloween. So, no go.

Reid: Ahhhh........Reid also refused to wear his costume. He carried his Thomas the Train candy bucket. He was a "Mighty Knight" so I dressed him in black UNDER his knight outfit. Since I don't have any black child shirts, he wore his skeleton shirt. Since he wouldn't wear his knight pieces (shield, sword, breast plate, head thingy), he at least look like he was supposed to be a skeleton. Of course when asked if was a "skeleton", he adamantly protested.

We ALL had a great time wandering our neighborhood with our children knocking on doors. No complaints! Children will always surprise you so we went with the flow and had a wonderful evening.
Included are some pics & videos. Again, I don't have anything great of either of the boys' costumes so this is the best I could come up with.

This Video of Reid is the best shot I have of him in his costume.....he's still missing his helmet, sheild & sword. his armor is supposed to be fitted on his front. Too funny that he wants to wear it on his back. He is VERY headstrong about what he he wears it on his back!