Thursday, September 20, 2012

Is there dye in your wine?

We are now on day 4 of the no petroleum dye project. I want to back track a bit to Monday morning...

Me to Reid: Go get your socks & shoes on.
Reid: Says nothing...walks away...
I'm in the kitchen making lunches when Reid appears in the doorway...fully dressed. What? Who is this kid looking so put together? So, I'm thinking is this a random fluke or have the dyes really been messing with his brain.

So, that's how the week started out. And BTW, Monday was the only day that happened. But, I have to wonder, was I being given a little bit of a sign to keep up the diet for 2 weeks?

Here we are on Wednesday. Doing mostly great with following the guidelines. Reid is drinking orange juice, cherry limeade, capri sun & milk. Water too:) That's OK. His biggest withdrawal are cookies with icing on them. I can't even get white icing without food coloring in it. Maybe at Whole Foods. I didn't realize the cookies with icing would be such a big deal when I was there Monday.

I am honestly not seeing any real behavior differences at this time, except for Monday morning. Weird. We are pushing forward though. One little thing I hadn't thought about was the school lunches. Reid ONLY buys on pizza day, which was today. I didn't think about any possible dyes until this very moment. Hmmm....the upside (it's really a downside) is he probably ate hardly any of it. Lunch is not his biggest meal. He usually comes home from school with 90% of his lunch. He might pick out any cookies or crunch bar. Maybe will eat a bit of the orange or carrot if there are evil eyes coming from a teacher. Forget about anything of real substance, like a sandwich or peanut butter on crackers. He MAY eat some bacon. I pack lunches that give the greatest chance of him eating without packing 100% crap. I hate to know what the teachers think of a lunch containing pecans, bacon, cookie, orange and 1/2 a Crunch bar. I see protein & calories in this lunch since he won't eat traditional sandwiches. I really do try NOT to fight about food. Reid generalizes experiences with food way to quickly, thus eliminating foods based on very little real merit.

Reid has been especially curious about what has dyes in it. He had always been oddly healthy, in his own mind at least. Such as "sugar isn't good for you so I'm eating potato chips" and "mosquitos like me because I eat sugar" and "it's not good to eat too much sugar" as he's eating cookie dough. Now, in addition to questioning the dye content of everything he wants to eat, he is also monitoring my intake. I had originally said Mommy & Daddy's alcohol was not involved in the project. I didn't say that to him! But, I did state it up front in my own personal rules. So, the grapes are red & so is my wine. Very logical. I honestly don't feel the need to Google this. I am currently sipping my diet sprite instead of my desired diet coke. So, I am making my own changes:)

Yes, I promised a pic of Christian. Unfortunately I am uploading IOS6 and it's sucking most everything out my computer! I will post 2 pictures next time to make up for it!

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